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🦗 @Crikorama Grad Show - Heuvel - Workshop Space - Catharinaplein, 5611 DE Eindhoven

➡️ Crikorama is on a mission to make home cricket farming mainstream, revolutionizing global protein consumption while reducing environmental impact.

🔜 Our vision encompasses the promotion of alternative protein sources through a range of innovative products and fruitful collaborations with chefs, yielding a delightful selection of ready-to-eat cricket-based foods.

💡Crikorama's journey began with an unwavering passion for food and product design, fueled by an ardent desire for a more sustainable future.

Let's break it down step by step:

Food & Water 🍽️💧 - Start with nourishment,
providing a balanced diet and hydration for your
cricket crew.

Start Small 🦗🌱 - Begin with a handful of crickets;
they're the pioneers of your sustainable protein

Scale Up 📈🌍 - As they thrive, increase the
population. More crickets mean more sustainability!

Eggcellent Cycle 🥚🍳 - Soon, they'll lay eggs in the
designated pod. These little ones are your next protein

Harvest & Repeat 🔄🍽️ - When the time comes,
harvest the mature crickets, and the cycle starts anew
with the babies

 Crikorama egg pod has proven its concept.  Our cricket companions have laid eggs, and the cycle  is set to repeat indefinitely

Crikorama egg pod has proven its concept. 
Our cricket companions have laid eggs, and the cycle
is set to repeat indefinitely. 🦗🥚

She uses her ovipositor to penetrate the soil and deposit eggs into the egg pod.
These eggs hatch, giving rise to new offspring, thus restarting the life cycle.

Your new alternative protein source at home

Scale up your protein production by having a serie of crikorama machines

After a successful harvest, our cricket
companions take a cozy break in the fridge, awaiting
their transformation into delicious and sustainable
meals! 🦗❄️

Maarten Lockefeer - Owner at Keukenconfessies Strijp-S