Kyran Knauf
Eindhoven (NL)
+33 7 78 25 51 56

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Product designer, background encompassing magazine production, spatial design, scenography, and architecture.

Degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven and global experience spanning 5 countries (France, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Germany, USA), including a semester at Art Center College of Design in LA, US.

Guest tutor in VR Gravity Sketch, teaching 2nd and 3rd-year students at Design Academy Eindhoven sketching, designing, and effectively communicating their designs in virtual reality with Gravity Sketch.

Known for Crikorama, the first homegrown cricket machinein the world and Nebula Fog Collector, nominations for the Phillips Innovation Award and the Green Concept Award. Work featured in publications such has Dezeen, Wallpaper, Stirpad, De Ingenieur.

Previously at Yellow Design GmbH and Dreiform GmbH in Germany, led projects with Andreu Carulla / Acid in Girona, Spain, focusing on commercial exhibitions and products for industry leaders such as BMW, Mini, Stihl. Freelancing for start-ups. 

Product designer, adept at conceptualizing impactful innovations, and enhancing user experiences through rigorous research and iterative refinement.

Experienced in prototyping across various scales, utilizing 3D printing technology, CNC, VR, and Lathe machine.

Possess expertise in CMF selection to ensure visually appealing and cohesive product aesthetics.

Experienced in conducting thorough market/trend research, developing comprehensive product strategies.

Developing digital products/services, including apps, allowed me to delve deeper into the realm of UI/UX design, refining my skills in user research, wireframing, and prototyping.

Passion lies in the design process, using multidisciplinary background to realize impactful innovations. Adopting a forward-thinking, out of the box approach, emphasizing system thinking, transformation design, and strategic product development.

Open to freelancing and joining development teams. Passionate about impactful and innovative products.

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Crikorama: Stirpad - intersection of design, engineering and biology

‘’Speaking about what is next for his practice, Knauf tells STIR, “Moving forward, my plans involve constantly innovating in product design and startups that have a substantial effect on both individuals and the environment. I aim to lead a movement of engineers, designers, and creators who share the shared objective of developing products that foster self-sufficiency and contribute to a sustainable future. The primary emphasis is on creating a community of individuals who are enthusiastic about constructing a purposeful and impactful future.‘’

Crikorama: Dezeen -  Kyran Knauf creates tabletop cricket farm for household meat alternative

‘’According to Knauf, the Crikorama approach would conserve 104,000 litres of water and 200 square metres of land annually per user, and five to six kilograms of CO2 emissions per meal’’

Crikorama: Wallpaper* gift guide: shopping with technology editor Jonathan Bell

Crikorama: ЭКОСФЕРА
Crikorama: настольное устройство для выращивания и использования пищевых сверчков в качестве экологически устойчивой альтернативы мясу

Crikorama: LSN global - Kyran Knauf introduces tabletop cricket farm for sustainable protein

Crikorama: TNN Thailand: ตู้เลี้ยงจิ้งหรีดประจำบ้าน ที่ผลิตอาหารทางเลือกจากเครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ !

Crikorama: Boulder Weekly 04.01.2024

Crikorama: De Ingenieur - Grow your own Crickets

Nebula Mesh: WeVux

Nebula: Bouwwereld