Crocs 2.0
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Design proposal for Crocs
This design proposal presents some key ways in which Crocs can overhaul their image and appeal to regain popularity and relevance as a stylish, fashionable footwear brand among younger audiences. By focusing on a slimmed-down, sleeker design and more style-focused color, print, and material options, Crocs has the potential to recapture the imaginations of shoppers and come back as a hip, trendy shoe option.

Crocs should invest in new technologies like 3D printing to produce unique, customized designs that appeal to younger consumers. 3D printed Crocs could feature personalized logos, names, or images and allow customers to co-create their own unique Crocs. Using 3D printing and scanning, Crocs could also produce shoes tailored to individual foot shapes for unparalleled comfort and fit. By embracing innovative new production methods, Crocs has the opportunity to rebrand itself as a stylish, technology-driven footwear company and attract trend-focused, tech-savvy younger shoppers.