Product design | cooling device | proposal for Nike

Frigus, is a small cooling device that you place on the backside of your neck (‘’the sweet spot’’) which helps the user to cool down in diverse contexts and for different purposes. It is based and inspired by the pot in pot refrigerator mechanism which works with the help
of evaporation of the water.

It is a ‘’low tech’’ product as it doesn't need any electricity which reflects it’s simplicity.
The potential is broad it could be used as an medical device, sport device to fashion statement. Furthermore there is no age limit and it’s easy to use.  Frigus would be extremely useful in cities such as Singapore, Mexico,…

︎Medical device: helping people to cool down, especially elderly people who are more sensible to heat. At a certain extended it could
even saves people lives in certain conditions such as overheating. Furthermore it could avoid headches, fainting, muscle cramps…

︎Sport device: helping people with high physical activity to cool down quickly after or during  the exercices if needed.

︎Fashion product: Frigus could take a jewelry, fashion, ‘’statement’’ approach or even been integrated into a t-shirt.

A part of the diverses functionalities it is important to note that In the near future we will be confronted to extreme hot temperature. Therefore it is necessary to provide a solution to cool us down!
For instance in the following situations: high temperatures, high humidity, and high physical activity without paying attention it can lead to fainting or even life threating situations.
The flexible potential can also be located at other spots such has harm, or other parts of the body where it makes sense to cool down the body.

︎But why the neck?

Pressing something cool against the back of your neck or to be more precise against the brainstorm that runs trough the neck. This is the best spot for the body to cool down your body as this part is senses and regulates body temperature. Pressing Frigus on this part of the body will cool sensation across your entire body. This spot is even used in avoiding hydrocutions!

concept: inspired by the pot in the pot refrigerator, frigus is composed out of resin, sand, fabric (B),silicon adhesives


color varations 

 user case