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A garment designed in VR to explore Mars. 

Patagonia has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative design and technology. They have anticipated that in the near future, space exploration will become more accessible and humans will start colonizing Mars. To prepare for this exciting frontier, Patagonia's designers have envisioned a line of products specifically tailored to the Martian environment and lifestyle.

Patagonia's Mars design team has set up the first design studio on Mars to develop products using 3D printing technology with materials available locally on Mars. The lower Martian gravity, extreme temperature variations, dust storms, and lack of breathable atmosphere posed unique design constraints that shaped the final products.

The Mars Jacket is made from a breathable, flexible composite material that provides insulation and protection from the elements while still allowing full range of motion for exploring the Martian terrain. Oversized pockets provide storage for essential survival gear.