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Last fall I developed a functional speaker proposal for the renowned Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen.
I designed everything from the outdoor shape to the technical components inside. This proposal embodies my vision for Bang & Olufsen's audio products' future and would complement their catalog.

After several months of research in fall 2022, I created a Bluetooth speaker prototype. I dubbed this forward-looking design the "Marshmallow Speaker" due to its soft, round edges and minimalist form.

The goal of the design was to #simplify to the essentials by only having two buttons: on and off, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. You could also envision a single button for on/off and Bluetooth. I developed the internal components of the speaker. The #3Dprinted part is inserted into the main unit. Everything is held together with a single screw.

The internal part of the speaker I developed. This part is 3D printed and inserted into the main part. Everything is being held with one screw.