Reframing Grand Park: Bringing native plants back to urban landscapes
Pictures by @fernando_vazquez_design
Group project @x_yerimi @fernando_vazquez_design @kyranknauf
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There were plans to incorporate native plants into Grand Park, LA at some point not long ago, however, those plans were never executed. The theme of the park currently embraces plants from all over the world by categorizing them under the floristic kingdoms.
The unfortunate circumstance is that Grand Park currently does not embrace our ecosystem native to Los Angeles.


 A public installation was also designed. NAT is advocating for space that brings us together and educates grand park visitors about native plants and native Americans. 

Planting decisions were made possible with the help of the database and the consulting insights from the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.

How can we encourage the growth of native plants in public?
How can we build a relationship between people and native plants?
How can we integrate storytelling in order to teach the community about native plants?
Native plants have positive effects?
How might we educate grand park visitors about native plants?
How can we make knowledge more accessible?

The Installation is evoking different effects: 

-> Sensory: Smell inviting and introducing visitors to native plant garden

-> Visual: Native plants have the possibility of year round flowers blooms and are aesthetically pleasent

-> Recognition: Educating community about local wildlife and indegenious people

-> Benches: allowing people to sit together and use the center for other activities

-> Planters: positioned at strategic point to embrace their beauty and fragrance

 -> People: an installation dedicated for native plants and people

-> Exhibition Infrastructure: infographics and exhibition panels are helping to share knowledge
about native plants

-> Roof: allowing shade, protection and safety with the help of light

-> Shade: could be created by plants growing on top

‘’ matters because it is not an inert container of social life but an integral part of its manifestations and its events. Space gives form to encounters... Common space is relational and relative. It is not only a medium and a shaping factor of social relations... but also an always-in-the- making set of relations. ‘’

Stravros Stavrides, The

QR codes are available next to the plants, allowing the visitor to sccan them and learn more about the hisotriy of the plants. 

poster made by Jamil Watson and

poster made by Jamil Watson and

Exhibition panels are positioned at strategic points to share data about the issues about native plants.

The exhibition is accessible to all visitors. It inspires people to connect with the plants and other visitors. The selection of the plants is based on the intensity of the fragrance

The odeurs as well as the beauty of the plants are intriguing visitors to the space and to learn more about native plants.